Behind Contenu

The team empowering content creators to excel on Instagram.


Josh Ryan

Founder & CEO

Josh Ryan is a world-renowned entrepreneur who has been empowering Instagram creators for 8 years.

Josh has helped content-creators generate over millions in revenue since 2016.

His educational advice on Instagram growth has gained over 5 million views on Youtube and thousands of subscribers growing audiences into the tens of thousands of followers.

Josh wanted to make content creation easier for his audience, so he embarked on a journey to turn Contenu into a reality.

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Founder & CTO

Afonso is a highly skilled Software Engineer with a decade of experience and a talent for building products from scratch.

Afonso has a history of pairing with industry-leaders and influencers to turn their dreams into working products.

He met Josh in 2022 and later decided to join him to create the best content creation tool in the market - Contenu.